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Topic: Correct rigging of FD ropes
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Correct rigging of FD ropes
on: June 15, 2019, 16:00

Hello guys,

Although I use to do yachting in my younger age it was on some basic wooden FD where I only had to deal with 3-4 different ropes and this was 25 years ago.

Recently I decided to get back "on the horse" and resume sailing FD,hence I bought an FD fm Germany. It was delivered to me with everything in the "road transportation" mode meaning all the ropes, wires disconnected, the mast removed and placed on top of the boat etc.

I was confident I can rig everything back but after some serious work and efforts I managed to figure out where is connected most of the stuff but I still don't know the followings:

– how to connect and roll the genoa ( this sail has a 2 ways of being rigged : 1 wire with 1 buckle at each end and 2 with some pierced/ metal reinforced holes top and bottom where I assume they can get connected thru some hooking system)

– how to connect the boom to the mast ( I have a metal piece gliding inside a 15 cms vertical channel, but I don't see how I can lock the boom to the mast so it won't fall off while in rest position and even during sailing)

– no idea how to fit the Spi in such way I can pull it out and raise itthur the opening at the bow.

Anyway I have loads of other small issues that I will probably fix if you guys could help me with some tutorials.detailed photos of your joints/ connection on your own boats or even links to some websites.

Also any ideas where I can find some gear that can be hooked to the shrouds ( jacket, trousers etc) in order to balance the boat while sailing in sideways winds?

My email is:

Thank you for your assistance.


Robert FD G 1933
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Re: Correct rigging of FD ropes
on: June 20, 2019, 10:59



There is only 1 way of rigging:

the wire with the 2 eyes must be inside of the genoa¬īs front side. (the longest part of the genoa) The Genoa itself must be connected with its eyes to that wire: lower end with a small shackle (or small rope) – upper end with a small rope as well.


In fact it is not really fixed to the mast but only plugged in. With the vang the boom is forced not to escape.

Hope this helps :-)


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